Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith

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Now available, Edgar Davie's newest book, "Why Saint Peter Could Not Become a Catholic Priest Today" - The History of Modern Catholic Scandals

When Unknown Catholic History Changed Christianity. How Popes and Plato's Philosophy Transformed Catholic Beliefs of Marriage, Sex, Misogyny and Anti-semitism

"The 900 year old error that is tearing apart the Catholic Church."



"What a tremendous amount of thought and work you have committed to your book Illicit Celibacy. It deserves serious reading and study by church authorities, especially those responsible for the education of seminarians. I wish you success and the broad readership it deserves. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of interest in the subject among Catholic clergy these days." -A.W. Richard Sipe

A.W. Richard Sipe spent 18 years serving the Church as a Benedictine monk and Catholic priest, devoting full time to research into the sexual and celibate practices of Roman Catholic bishops and priests. That path now leads him to the study of the sexual teaching of the church and its effects on behavior—especially sexual abuse of minors by clergy.


"I just finished my reading of your incredibly complex and interesting study of the mandatory celibacy scandal. Congratulations on what turns out to be a challenging and wonderfully illuminating presentation. The subject you have chosen is by no means merely academic but is so profoundly relevant to our church that one could hardly find one more crucial and important. Your reader is presented with an impressive historical analysis which supports an evaluation and conclusion which can be denied only by obstinate prejudice. You've covered all the bases! Reading your book was a special experience for me." -Dr. James Biechler

Dr. James Biechler, Emeritus Professor of Religion, La Salle University. As a married person Dr. Biechler practices chastity and is a former member of the Board of Directors for, The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church. He holds a licentiate in canon law (J.C.L.) and is a longtime member of the Canon Law Society of America, qualifying him to teach Canon Law at Vatican approved institutions world wide. Dr. Biechler is widely published in academic/theological journals, books and web-sites.


Edgar Davie has given us an insightful analysis of early Church history and its development of doctrine. Of particular interest is his detailed description of the context in which this process took place; one then fully understands the nuances and meaning necessary to fill out the picture of who believed what, when, and where. Once the presentation of the deposit of faith was completed the irrefutable logic and precision of his reasoning process took over to leave this reader nodding his head in agreement. Faith is made stronger by reasoning. My faith has been made stronger by reading this work.  
-Fr. James P. Koerber

Father James P. Koerber is a priest with 50 years active service to the Body of Christ. His theological credentials, Licentiate of Sacred Theology, S.T.L., qualify him to teach dogmatic Catholic theology at Vatican approved educational institutions world wide. Fr. Koerber supports theology of Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith.

About the book

Illicit Celibacy and the Deposit of Faith tells the remarkably simple yet untold story of celibacy requirements for Catholic priests. It presents a different and historically insightful understanding of the mandatory celibacy law that was forced upon the priesthood in 1139AD, and its ultimate consequences for the church today. This book explains clearly for the modern Catholic little known historical events leading to the celibacy law and argues that this law directly contradicts infallible Church teachings of Jesus and His Apostles.

  * Jesus and the apostles permitted all priests to marry and propagate.
  * The apostles did not abandon marital sex in order to imitate Jesus.
  * Early Christianity permitted birth control.
  * Priestly wives and husbands jointly ministered at the Eucharistic table.
  * The law of mandatory celibacy is a Papal doctrine that nullifies an infallible doctrine of Christ, thereby disproving all claims of
  papal infallibility.

This book explains the Gnostic origin of mandatory celibacy and struggles by the priesthood to remain married during the Churches’ first thousand years. Since the fourth century history repeatedly reveals widespread scandals by sexually abusive priests when men incapable of living celibate lives were forbidden the Sacrament of Matrimony. Today, one priest in ten successfully lives out his vow of celibacy, a scandal that must be assigned directly to past and present popes. This 900 year old law is illicit; it contradicts scripture, tradition and Catholic history. Today St. Peter would be denied ordination into the priesthood.

For those interested in early Church history and later papal changes this book is valuable and rewarding.

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